Productive Professionals community newsletter - July 11 2018

Productive Professionals community newsletter - July 11 2018

Community News

The Community Grows Up

Big changes are happening in the Productive Professionals community. New features, new functions, and a new outlook.

Become an Ambassador

We've got a new set of rewards for community members who share and help the community continue to grow.

Mighty Networks Community Participation Video

Mighty Networks has shared a great little video about how to get the most out of the mobile community client on iOS and Android.

Workshops Coming Soon

We're starting to roll out a collection of new productivity workshops for community members beginning with our most popular one, Digital Bullet Journaling using OneNote.



Holiday Productivity

Down time can be up time when it comes becoming more productive. Some thoughts about using your holiday to become productive.

Poll - What is Your Preferred Productivity Tool?

Answer the poll and see where you choice stacks against the rest of the community.

OneNote on a Chromebook

One of our most popular articles is ready for your thoughts and feedback as part of the community library.

Is Your Online Community like a Picnic?

A holiday analogy to help understand the right ways to build and grow a community.

New Ways to Use OneNote in Your Personal Life

OneNote is more than a tool for professionals. Hear how some real people use it everyday to be more productive.




Being Productive while Traveling

July 17, 2018 - 8 p.m. EST - Live Chat

A Live Chat Event where we share our favorite tips and tricks to being productive on the road. RSVP today and join us from your desktop or your mobile device.