How well does OneNote work on a Chromebook?

How well does OneNote work on a Chromebook?

I've been an avid Chromebook user since they were released. I carry with me an Asus Chromebook every day and use it more frequently than even my full Windows laptop. As a OneNote user it was important to find out how well I could take advantage of OneNote on the Chromebook and what features I'd lose in the limited online version.

OneNote Online is the tool

When using OneNote on a Chromebook you're limited to using the OneNote Online version of the application.  This means right away many of the features you may be used to on the desktop version (such as custom tags) are not available. However, if you use OneNote with these limitations in mind you will find it to be a useful note taking and personal information management tool.

There are a number of strengths and weaknesses to using OneNote on a Chromebook. I've identified the key ones you'll want to take in to consideration.



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