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Batting Practice for Contractors

If you're a contractor working in an environment where you aren't 100% busy all the time, but still requires you to meet billable hour contractual requirements, I suggest you take some batting practice. Having been in these situations before I've seen how leveraging the work you are doing as an opportunity to refine and hone your skills can make all the difference in your personal satisfaction as well as your client satisfaction.

I'm so busy I must be important

Ever wonder why when you ask someone how they are the reply is, "Busy" we nod and agree that yes, we are busy too even if we may not be? Busy is worn as a badge of importance and success. It's as if you're not busy, you lack value and are not contributing to society as a whole. People "hustle", or "work their side gig", and we acknowledge with a little sympathy their level of activity as a measure of their importance. But how true is this?

Getting the most from a Millenial - Part 1

Millenials have developed a significant reputation in the workplace often through no fault of their own. Rather than harm on the challenges of working with Millenials, this series is going to focus on ways to successfully work with Millenials. Now to level set, I'm not a part of the Millenial generation, but rather Generation X, a.k.a. the MTV Generation. Being part of this generation we're starting to see men and women entering the workforce placing us in an awkward position since they are of the age, for many of us, of our own children. How do you work with men and women without adopting a parental mindset?