A new community for productivity coaching!


When it comes to focusing on productivity, sometimes you need to take a look at yourself so you can help others.  We've been spending way too much time creating content for multiple groups and networks...so much so that I don't feel the quality has been at our desired level.  Productivity coaching is about engaging with people, helping them isolate their challenges, and then putting the ideas into action so they can reach their goals and more. With that in mind we've taken a radical step.

Starting today, we've launched the Productivity Coaching community on Mighty Networks. It's an open community for anyone to join to learn, discuss, and address productivity challenges. Live chats, discussions, articles, groups and more are part of the community which is tailored to work well not only on the desktop but also on your mobile devices. We won't be publishing content to other existing groups any longer (though we'll still participate as possible), but rather all our energy will go into making the Productivity Coaching community THE place for you start or continue on your path of productivity. Individuals, professionals, executives, or teams...there's no one that can't benefit from improving their productivity.

If you're tired of not being as productive as you know you can be, then you're the reason we've started the community.  Come join us!