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Ideas from Around the Internet

Each week I roam around the Internet looking for ideas and inspiration for improving our productivity both professionally and personally.  Below are a few of the articles I found for today's post.  

An Awesomely Easy Way to Cut Back on Negative Thinking – FinerMinds 

If you struggle with negative thinking at times (fess up, we all do) I recommend giving this a read.  It provides some good insights into how you can reduce the barriers caused by negative thinking. Some may seem a little strange but if they do the job, who am I to judge? 

The Anatomy of Procrastination – Lifehack 

I like the breakdown of the five procrastination personalities outlined here. I'll admit I can see myself in a couple of these...can you? 

A big chunk of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks have been digitized and can be viewed online – Boing Boing 

When we think about productive people, Da Vinci has to take one of the top ten slots on the list.  If you're in need of productive inspiration, many of his notebooks are now available in digital format. 

If you find things that have helped you and you're willing to share, please include them in the comments!

Using OneNote to teach OneNote

Ideas from around the Internet

Ideas from around the Internet