Making Google Keep more useful on Android

If you're a Google Keep user on Android, you may be wishing there was an easier way to add a new note into Keep without having to either open the app or use one of Google's two widgets (3x1 and 3x2 size?  Really?) to tie up precious desktop space.  If you also use Nova Launcher here's a trick to save some space and make things faster.

Screenshot of Google Keep activities in Nova Launcher

From the page on your launcher where you want to add a shortcut, bring up the Nova menu and select Shortcuts > Activities. Scroll down until you find the Keep section then expand it to show all the various activities that can be done.  Select "activities.EditorActivity" from the list and you'll now have a shortcut on your home page that immediately launches into a new note with just a tap.  No big widget, no extra memory use.  It's just that easy.