The Idea Pump

is about finding your productive flow

To understand what The Idea Pump stands for you have to delve into the process of creative problem solving.  Dr. Sidney Parnes identifies Creative Problem Solving as the process of Objective Finding, Data Finding, Problem Finding, Idea Finding, Solution Finding, and Acceptance Finding.  The Idea Pump doesn't follow a regimented approach such as this, but does leverage these concepts to help people find creative solutions to problems dynamically and quickly without spending excessive time and effort.  Rather than being a business, consultancy, or organization, The Idea Pump is an approach and an idea itself.  Common techniques are used to find ways to be more productive, efficient, creative, or just finding solutions.  No specific technology is used and no specific methodology is required.

 A strong way to understand the purpose of The Idea Pump approach is to think about the metaphor itself.  When you use a pump to move water from one location to another, the pump has to be "primed" to create a situation where the water can flow freely with each motion of the pump.  The priming action is usually done with a little water first, enabling the pump to begin moving water.  Imagine the problem you face as a dry pump; working the handle up and down but no water is coming out.  The creative thinking and questions are the water priming the pump helping the the ideas (water) to flow freely.

The Idea Pump at it's most basic is a philosophy combined with techniques and tools to turn challenges into solutions.  Ideas, regardless of the topic, should flow as freely as water...that's what The Idea Pump is all about.