Finding the best digital task manager

After changing task managers yet again I wanted to know if others go through the same churn as I do when it comes to finding a tool that works for them. Out of curiousity I reached out to the Productivity Springboard group on Google Plus and posed the question: “Do […]

Personal TIP – Create a low effort shopping list

Grocery shopping is one of those necessary evils of the world.  Some people enjoy it, others not so much.  In either case for a shopping trip to be productive some planning in advance can make all the difference.  I’ve been working with the Kanban style tools as of late and […]

Using Trello to Manage Blogging

I do enjoy blogging. Really I do. The problem seems to arise with having to blog on a schedule. As much as I would like to just write when the mood strikes me, to paraphrase Gurney Halleck from Dune, “Mood? What has mood to do with it? You blog when […]