Regaining your momentum with @kickstart

Regaining your flow¬†when you’ve been interrupted or have lost focus can be an almost herculean effort if you haven’t planned in advance. There’s a hack I recommend regardless of the system to get your momentum back with some quick wins in being productive. It’s all about preparation Personally I use […]

Todoist tip – controlling natural language dates

Todoist has a great method of scheduling reminders through a natural language interface when you create a task. Sometimes though you’d rather not have Todoist grab the date you just entered because it’s part of the task rather than the reminder. If you want Todoist to ignore a piece of […]

Finding the best digital task manager

After changing task managers yet again I wanted to know if others go through the same churn as I do when it comes to finding a tool that works for them. Out of curiousity I reached out to the Productivity Springboard group on Google Plus and posed the question: “Do […]

How I manage to read 50 articles a day productively

I’m quite proud of the amount of content I read each day. On average I go through anywhere from 50 to 75 articles on various topics gathered from a number of websites and feeds from around the Internet. With this many pieces to go through, I had to assemble a […]

Using Todoist to get a busy week under control

Too many tasks to manage This week has been a hectic one with my dear wife out of town on vacation and the overlapping activites of sports and work between the two teens at home taking their toll on my organizational systems. Coupled with my day job I found this […]