Does a change in your productivity solution last?

At the client I am working currently I have been parked at a sitting desk for the past four months. Prior to this I was working from home and could stand and work when I liked (not easily, but I could make it happen.) As of last night I received […]

What to do when your paper journal disappears

There is a recognition in the analog journaling community that the physical nature of the journal can be a single point of failure when it comes to the information you keep. For some, the chances of losing their journal are slim, for others, much more likely. Personally I have found […]

Preparing for a lost or stolen wallet

We are constantly reminded how vulnerable our personal information is everyday by the media. With our focus on protecting our digital information we sometimes forget how important it is to protect our physical information. Being productive isn’t just about handling daily tasks, it’s about being able to handle the unexpected […]

Pick a tool and stick with it

One of the most common productivity challenges is finding a tool to keep track of all the miscellaneous documents and information you gather on a daily basis. There are solutions such as OneNote, Google Drive, Evernote, and many others but nothing that is the end-all, be-all. Here’s my recommendation. Whatever […]

Five ways to have a more productive weekend

Weekends are supposed to be times for rest, relaxation, and recharging to prepare you for the return to work on Monday. More often than not weekends become collections of chores, errands, and tasks you didn’t have time for during the week. Add in activities, events, and other commitments and the […]

Five Ways to Plan for a Good Week

Here’s five quick hits to get your week off to a good start: Tip 1 – Plan something for each day Take some time to make sure you have something in your control you can successfully complete on each day of the coming week.  No matter how frustrating things get […]

The perceived power of a notebook

As part of the youth soccer program my son participates in I spent the evening as a volunteer field marshal for the annual club tournament. I mention this because as part of the role they give you a standard size three ring binder to carry the information you need (scoring […]