Quoted in Fast Company

There are times interviews are done with mixed emotions.  While it was exciting to be interviewed and quoted in Fast Company, I only wish it could have been about something aside from the demise of Springpad. http://m.fastcompany.com/3032341/most-creative-people/this-startup-had-over-5-million-users-and-a-great-product-then-it-folde#1

Find Your Productivity Solution

The Springpad Springboard community on Google+ has been the home for Springpad users for more than a year.  With the pending shutdown of the business (but not the community) we’ve pulled together to help people find alternatives for their own trusted productivity / curation solutions.  To make things easier, below […]

The End of Springpad

There is a lot of rumor circulating about the end of Springpad as a service and a company.   While there are a number of things I’m aware of that I can’t and won’t comment on (business topics that really aren’t my area) being one of the largest users of Springpad […]

Saying Thank You the Springpad Way

With the holiday season upon us, it’s important to remember to thank people for the gifts we receive, not only now but all through the year.  Springpad is the kind of tool that makes the mechanics easier so you can focus on the sentiment.  Here’s my recommendation: Create a notebook […]

Conducting multi tag searches in Springpad notebooks

If you are leveraging the tags in Springpad to organize your content, you may have found a feature has gone missing.  Due to the recent change in the system architecture, the ability to do an Advanced Search has been removed.  As a work around, you can do the following to […]

Improve Productivity using Multiple Notebooks in Springpad

One of the challenges I have found in personal productivity solutions is a propensity to limit the options I have in how I want to structure the organization of my information.  The notebook metaphor so commonly used by productivity tools often follows too closely to their real world counterparts.  For […]

Springpad and Project Management – Parts 2 and 3

In Part One I talked about the ideas behind using Springpad for project management.  Now here in Part Two we’ll cover one of the ways to set up your Springpad for just such a purpose.  One of the keys to setting up your Springpad environment for project management is to […]

Make a Springpad Holiday Photo Album

If you’re like me your family has various levels of technical skill when it comes to the Internet.  Some are tech savvy, some not so much.  So when the family event is over and all the pictures have been taken, how do you share them among each other?  Springpad gives […]

Writer’s focus trick

If you’re in the need for an easy way to concentrate your focus when writing, here’s a tip.  In Springpad, create a new note and then press Ctrl-F and F11.  Ctrl-F will take you to the full screen editor for the note and F11 will cause your browser to go […]

Springpad Offers Starter Notebooks

One of the challenges of any productivity system is knowing how to get started.  Springpad has tackled this problem with the release of new starter notebooks, preconfigured around specific types of information needs with functionality and user experience designed to get you going as quick as possible.  Let’s take a […]