Does a change in your productivity solution last?

At the client I am working currently I have been parked at a sitting desk for the past four months. Prior to this I was working from home and could stand and work when I liked (not easily, but I could make it happen.) As of last night I received […]

How I manage to read 50 articles a day productively

I’m quite proud of the amount of content I read each day. On average I go through anywhere from 50 to 75 articles on various topics gathered from a number of websites and feeds from around the Internet. With this many pieces to go through, I had to assemble a […]

Controlling list displays using CorasWorks on SharePoint

One of the nice features about CorasWorks on SharePoint is the ability to set up your own list displays rather than using the native SharePoint lists.  Why is this so helpful?  Take a look at the step in the wizard that allows you to control the display: The CorasWorks Grid […]

Some Thoughts on Customer Empowerment

We have all heard variants on the quote, “if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour; if you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.” by Anne Isabella Ritchie and use it in the context of the value of […]

Compliance vs. Commitment

At a conference I attended earlier this year, one of the sessions used the phrase “compliance vs commitment” as it applies to user adoption. This is an excellent way to evaluate your strategies when it comes to getting your user community to “buy in” to the solutions you are implementing. […]