Holiday Shopping in the Age of Outrage

Are you being naughty or nice? At some point in our recent history it became acceptable to take whatever possible perceived slight and propel it to a public tirade against all things we don’t agree with.  Whether it’s red coffee cups or Black Thursday shopping the holidays are a perfect […]

Google+ is dead…long live Google+

It would appear that Google has a longer vision for Google+ now that they have stripped out many of it’s original core functions (i.e. Photos).  Looking at the changes to the community as a focus on just that…communities and collections…it will be interesting to see what the long play is […]

Walking 10 Miles in a Virtual World

When you spend as much time in the mobile online world as I do, rarely does something surprise you.  Quickly jaded against the newest fad, I tend to cast a skeptical eye especially when it comes to mobile gaming.  For a game to draw me away from my preconceived notions […]

Showing Some Love through Content Sharing

foilman / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) Occasionally I will run into the question about sharing, +1’s, Favorites, and other ways in social media to take content you have found interesting and pass it along to others in your circles.  For those of you who […]