Can you be productive in 40 hours?

Our modern work culture has trained us to think the only way we can be successful is by working extraordinary numbers of hours each week. I have to wonder, are they being as productive as they can be, or are they compensating for poor productivity with increased hours.

How a drone taught me about planning ahead

Those of us in the productivity space try to strive and be prepare for situations and eventualities. We thrive on planning, evaluating possible outcomes, and then ensuring we have taken all the factors into consideration before starting our efforts. Yet, for all that effort, the world still seems to slip […]

Episode 1 – Achievement Unlocked

This episode of Being Productive is about gamification of task management and how a little positive reinforcement can go a long way.  The tool covered this time…Todoist.

Does a change in your productivity solution last?

At the client I am working currently I have been parked at a sitting desk for the past four months. Prior to this I was working from home and could stand and work when I liked (not easily, but I could make it happen.) As of last night I received […]

Search vs structure for organizing your notes

Most note keeping solutions offer multiple methods of organizing your notes within their tools. You’ll find search, tags, labels, folders, outlines, and a variety of other less common structures. Determining what features will work the best for you in locating your notes after you’ve captured them can be a struggle […]

Five ways to have a more productive weekend

Weekends are supposed to be times for rest, relaxation, and recharging to prepare you for the return to work on Monday. More often than not weekends become collections of chores, errands, and tasks you didn’t have time for during the week. Add in activities, events, and other commitments and the […]

How I manage to read 50 articles a day productively

I’m quite proud of the amount of content I read each day. On average I go through anywhere from 50 to 75 articles on various topics gathered from a number of websites and feeds from around the Internet. With this many pieces to go through, I had to assemble a […]

Being productive wherever you are

One of the keys to productivity is taking advantage of the moments as they come available. To do this successfully you need to be prepared to react when those moments arise. Here are some tips for taking advantage of “idle moments”: 1. Clean up your task list If you’re keeping […]

What to do when your paper journal disappears

There is a recognition in the analog journaling community that the physical nature of the journal can be a single point of failure when it comes to the information you keep. For some, the chances of losing their journal are slim, for others, much more likely. Personally I have found […]

Preparing for a lost or stolen wallet

We are constantly reminded how vulnerable our personal information is everyday by the media. With our focus on protecting our digital information we sometimes forget how important it is to protect our physical information. Being productive isn’t just about handling daily tasks, it’s about being able to handle the unexpected […]