Create a bullet journal index in OneNote

When you’re using the Bullet Journal approach in OneNote, one of the things you’ll want to build as you go is a table of contents for your notes.  I don’t recommend relying on the page and section listing as your table of contents because they don’t facilitate referencing your content […]

Three problems with tags in OneNote Online

If you’re a user of OneNote Online and OneNote desktop you’ll have noticed the inconsistency with which tags have been implemented between the two platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two you need to keep in mind. Custom tags The desktop version of OneNote […]

Turning OneNote tables into Excel worksheets

OneNote on Windows Desktop offers the ability to convert tables you have created into Excel workbooks.  If you’re using OneNote to capture basic information for calculation or data analysis, this is a great way to make the leap from the quick capture structure of OneNote tables to something more functional […]

OneNote Question and Answer from #prodchat

Every Wednesday at 8:00pm EDT, a great guy by the name of Ray Sidney-Smith hosts a chat on Twitter under the hash tag #prodchat.  The topics vary from week to week and this week the topic was one suggested by us…OneNote Tips and Tricks.  You’d think that suggesting a topic […]

OneNote Writing Template

As part of moving my writing workflow to OneNote I needed to ideate a solution around creation of new draft articles in a consistent and efficient manner.  In plain English…I needed a template.  Templatizing work in OneNote using the desktop application is an easy enough process with some powerful functionality […]

Writing proposals using OneNote

In most information based businesses there is a need to write proposals when securing opportunities for your organization. Without proposals there is no easy way to get your client and yourself on the same page when it comes to what you are able to do for them for the ultimate […]

Episode 2 – OneNote to Rule Them All

In the latest episode of Being Productive, I do a brief overview of Microsoft’s note management tool, OneNote.  If you’re not familiar with OneNote or haven’t heard of it before this is the episode for you.

Search vs structure for organizing your notes

Most note keeping solutions offer multiple methods of organizing your notes within their tools. You’ll find search, tags, labels, folders, outlines, and a variety of other less common structures. Determining what features will work the best for you in locating your notes after you’ve captured them can be a struggle […]

TIP – Using OneNote to Archive Printed Digital Documents

One of the things OneNote does well is archiving of documents for later retrieval. You can attach files directly into a OneNote notebook to access easily in the future but there is an even better way to handle documents with OneNote assuming you are storing them for reference rather than […]