Create custom follow up tags in OneNote

One of the aspects of OneNote I like the most is the option to have graphical tags attached to my content as needed.  The tags are searchable across notebooks and unlike hashtags can be interactive.  Keep in mind this aspect does not work on mobile devices (let’s get with it, […]

Five tips for planning your week for success

Here’s five quick hits to get your week off to a good start: Tip 1 – Plan something for each day Take some time to make sure you have something in your control you can successfully complete on each day of the coming week.  No matter how frustrating things get […]

Regaining your momentum

Almost all of us hit a point in the day where we lose momentum in our work. We may have a successful, busy morning only to come to a grinding halt after a meeting or lunch. We may get stuck in an “analysis paralysis” mindset while switching projects. There’s any […]