Google+ is dead…long live Google+

It would appear that Google has a longer vision for Google+ now that they have stripped out many of it’s original core functions (i.e. Photos).  Looking at the changes to the community as a focus on just that…communities and collections…it will be interesting to see what the long play is […]

To G+ Blog or not to G+ Blog – a matter of balance

ant0720 / Foter / CC BY-NC There’s an interesting debate going on about using Google+ as a primary blogging platform over systems such as Blogger and WordPress.  As is normally the case there are people on each side of the discussion, with some advocating complete migration to G+ while others […]

Blogger and Google+ = A Strong Combination

One of the things I have noticed right away is the improvement in the Blogger system since the last time I used it.  They have come a long way in improving the user friendliness of the solution.  While it doesn’t have quite the flexibility of a WordPress or Joomla, it […]