How Android Wear and Google Keep Saved My Day

I’m a big fan of various productivity tools, and Google Keep happens to be one of my favorites when it comes to capturing information quickly and getting to it from my phone.  Today I discovered that, coupled with Android Wear, Google Keep can be smarter than I am. While working […]

What happens when Google can’t make up their mind

Google Bookmarks vs. Google Save vs. Google Keep – There’s a product in there somewhere Google has always been good at bringing out products with features we want. Unfortunately they’ve got a less than spectacular track record at getting all those features into one product.  For example the trio of […]

Making Google Keep more useful on Android

If you’re a Google Keep user on Android, you may be wishing there was an easier way to add a new note into Keep without having to either open the app or use one of Google’s two widgets (3×1 and 3×2 size?  Really?) to tie up precious desktop space.  If […]