Search vs structure for organizing your notes

Most note keeping solutions offer multiple methods of organizing your notes within their tools. You’ll find search, tags, labels, folders, outlines, and a variety of other less common structures. Determining what features will work the best for you in locating your notes after you’ve captured them can be a struggle […]

Google Drive Spreadsheet and Springpad – Embedding Links

One of the things you can do with Google Drive Spreadsheets is to embed links into your spreadsheets for connections outside the sheet.  If you combine that with Springpad shared springs you can create very powerful reference materials tied to you spreadsheets.  The process is: Copy the Share URL for […]

Google Drive or Springpad – Image text search

One of the strengths of the Evernote platform is it’s ability to render text in images searchable.  Now I don’t use that feature too often, but when I do, it comes in handy.  The challenge is, how to you reproduce the same functionality in other places.  Google Drive has released […]

Google Drive Search and Springpad – Tip for Friday

Here’s a quick trick you can do to leverage Google Drive from your Springpad account: Go into Google Drive and perform a search that you might usually do.  For example, search for the word “Receipts” When Google Drive returns the results, copy the URL from your browser Go into Springpad […]