Search vs structure for organizing your notes

Most note keeping solutions offer multiple methods of organizing your notes within their tools. You’ll find search, tags, labels, folders, outlines, and a variety of other less common structures. Determining what features will work the best for you in locating your notes after you’ve captured them can be a struggle […]

Five Quick Organizational Ideas and TIPs from The Idea Pump

Since this is The Idea Pump (TIP), sharing some TIPs on how to get more from your capture and collect tool (see OneNote, Evernote, and others in that class). When working on something you need to disassemble and reassemble, take pictures of each step and what was necessary to accomplish […]

Evernote2OneNote – Automating the move

Over the weekend I started exporting all my Evernote content over to OneNote prior to shutting down my Premium account.  Yes, I’m done with the big green elephant.  There’s a great tool called Evernote2OneNote for migrating the content of your notebooks that does the trick extremely well.  Here’s a couple […]