What to do when your paper journal disappears

There is a recognition in the analog journaling community that the physical nature of the journal can be a single point of failure when it comes to the information you keep. For some, the chances of losing their journal are slim, for others, much more likely. Personally I have found […]

Using Google Docs for Bullet Journaling

In continuation of my experiment to see what common tools can be used for productive journaling, I’m trying the combination of Google Docs and Bullet Journaling. Now this far from a pure implementation of the Bullet Journal, but it does carry forward some of the basic requirements needed to be […]

Building a Bullet Journal using Microsoft Word

When working on putting together a productivity solution we often go looking for a preconstructed application that does everything. Well, we go looking…we don’t often succeed. With that in mind, I decided it was worth trying to use one of the most common tools in our arsenal, Microsoft Word, to […]

Using OneNote for Bullet Journaling

There’s a lot of interest in using digital tools for bullet journaling and OneNote is one of the more flexibly designed ones on the market. I thought I’d challenge myself to see if I could apply bullet journal methods to OneNote to organize a project I am working on. Here’s […]

Creating a bullet journal style planner for students

Each year at this time parents and students turn their thoughts to images of back to school. While the images differ significantly the objectives are usually the same:  do as well as possible with a minimum of pain and anguish. Keeping work organized and activities (or in the case of […]