The sorry state of Android upgrades

This is going to be a bit of a rant today so be prepared.  I’ve been an Android fan for a long time, using phones, tablets, and wearables since early in the alphabet of software versions.  It’s those software versions causing my pain and anguish today. Android updates – Hurry […]

Smartwatches are dead, long live smartwatches

There’s been a rash of articles out as of late proclaiming the death of smartwatches as a technology without a future. Delays in the Android Wear operating system, pushing back of hardware releases by major manufacturers, and protests by Tim Cook as to the volume of Apple Watch sales all […]

Safer driving with Android and Google Now

Recently I moved to a longer commute than I had in the past and as such thought it was as good an opportunity as any to see how much hands-free control I could wrangle from Android and Google Now.  I installed the Google Now launcher on my LG G4 and […]

Clocking in and out the automated way

I’ve started using an app on Android called Automate-It Pro to help keep track of my time in and out of work.  Since my time is billable, I need to know when things start and stop.  For now what I’ve done is added a widget to my phone that sends […]

Working Minimally

Over the past month I have made a concerted effort to move to a mobile centric approach for personal productivity.  This was partially incited through work requirements as well as a desire to leverage my Android devices more fully. One of the biggest steps towards making this happen was the […]