The power of the pen

I will always be an advocate for the handwritten word. To me there is no better way to solidify and craft one’s thoughts while avoiding the distractions of digital life.

Weekly Planning Sessions

In this article from the Quo Vadis blog, they talk about the importance of weekly planning sessions.  One of the shifts I have made as of late is to not do my weekly recap and planning for the next week at the same time. At the end of each week […]

A Day in the Life of my Paper Journal

My current notebook My job has placed some interesting technological limitations on my traditional productivity methods, so in response I have made the transition back to pen and paper for keeping my activity records of my daily work.  You would think that for someone as digitally focused as I this […]

Five Ways to be Productive without a Smartphone

Smartphones are part of our daily lives.  There’s no way to restate or retract that statement.  If you’re in a public place, try this experiment:  look around and count the number of tops of heads you can see on people.  Now unless you’re looking down from above you shouldn’t be […]