Tracking your kids busy life using Todoist

With two teenagers at home managing active schedules can be a huge challenge for anyone.  I’ve turned to Todoist and a custom designed filter to keep track of what needs to be done by and for whom within the next several days. To make this filter work there are a […]

How well does OneNote work on a Chromebook?

I’ve been an avid Chromebook user since they were released. I carry with me an Asus Chromebook every day and use it more frequently than even my full Windows laptop. As a OneNote user it was important to find out how well I could take advantage of OneNote on the […]

Being Productive with Todoist Location Reminders

I use Todoist for tracking all my tasks and things to remember especially when I am likely to need a reminder to get something done.  One of the features I have begun using more frequently is the location based reminder. Todoist allows you to set a geographic trigger on a […]

How a smartwatch made me more productive

More than just a timepiece I’ve been an avid wearable tech fan for a long time now. More than a year ago I added an Android Wear smartwatch to my arsenal. With the pending release of Android Wear 2.0 and new watches from LG hitting the market, it seemed as […]

Office 365 Groups get SharePoint Sites

Microsoft is rolling out SharePoint Sites as part of their Groups offering in Office 365 beginning this month. The premise is when a Microsoft Group is set up, not only will the group get common notebooks and a Yammer site, but they will also get a SharePoint Team Site as […]

Task management success comes from three questions

When managing tasks for yourself or especially for others, there are three questions you need to answer for each task. These questions make sure you have the minimum amount of information needed to successfully complete the task.  These questions are: What is the task? While this may seem obvious, defining […]

OneNote Question and Answer from #prodchat

Every Wednesday at 8:00pm EDT, a great guy by the name of Ray Sidney-Smith hosts a chat on Twitter under the hash tag #prodchat.  The topics vary from week to week and this week the topic was one suggested by us…OneNote Tips and Tricks.  You’d think that suggesting a topic […]

OneNote Writing Template

As part of moving my writing workflow to OneNote I needed to ideate a solution around creation of new draft articles in a consistent and efficient manner.  In plain English…I needed a template.  Templatizing work in OneNote using the desktop application is an easy enough process with some powerful functionality […]

How a drone taught me about planning ahead

Those of us in the productivity space try to strive and be prepare for situations and eventualities. We thrive on planning, evaluating possible outcomes, and then ensuring we have taken all the factors into consideration before starting our efforts. Yet, for all that effort, the world still seems to slip […]

A new focus in the new year

Beginning in January 2017, The Idea Pump site is going to focus on content and posts specifically around the consultancy and it’s operation. Other articles from The Idea Pump around technology, business process, and strategy will be posted over at Medium and then provided on the home page as part […]