Could Visio have met it’s match? Meet Lucidchart.

In the world of diagrams and flowcharting, Visio by Microsoft has been a standard go-to tool for years. Due to the new way I work (heavily cloud centric) I wanted to see if there was anything out there that could hold a candle to the capabilities of Visio.  Lucidchart looks to […]

Five minutes with the Samsung Chromebook Plus

I took five minutes in Best Buy to check out the new Samsung Chromebook Plus that’s getting all kinds of attention in the press. Designed to be a solid performer in the $500 price range, I wanted to know if it had the features to be a daily driver for […]

Three problems with tags in OneNote Online

If you’re a user of OneNote Online and OneNote desktop you’ll have noticed the inconsistency with which tags have been implemented between the two platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two you need to keep in mind. Custom tags The desktop version of OneNote […]

Todoist tip – controlling natural language dates

Todoist has a great method of scheduling reminders through a natural language interface when you create a task. Sometimes though you’d rather not have Todoist grab the date you just entered because it’s part of the task rather than the reminder. If you want Todoist to ignore a piece of […]

Turning OneNote tables into Excel worksheets

OneNote on Windows Desktop offers the ability to convert tables you have created into Excel workbooks.  If you’re using OneNote to capture basic information for calculation or data analysis, this is a great way to make the leap from the quick capture structure of OneNote tables to something more functional […]

Choosing a Task Manager Guide now free for download

We released The Choosing a Task Manager Worksheet and accompanying Reference Guide before the holidays and it was so well received we decided to make it available again for free download. You can take advantage of using this worksheet and guide to help you make the decisions necessary to get […]

Writing proposals using OneNote

In most information based businesses there is a need to write proposals when securing opportunities for your organization. Without proposals there is no easy way to get your client and yourself on the same page when it comes to what you are able to do for them for the ultimate […]

Episode 2 – OneNote to Rule Them All

In the latest episode of Being Productive, I do a brief overview of Microsoft’s note management tool, OneNote.  If you’re not familiar with OneNote or haven’t heard of it before this is the episode for you.

Product recommendation – Zojirushi Thermal Mug – Updated

The Zojirushi Thermal MugAs part of a long search for a thermal mug for travel I have tried close to twenty different styles over the years and all have suffered from a combination of poor thermal performance, poor build quality, leaks, or difficulty in cleaning.  The Zojirushi has dealt with all […]