Create a bullet journal index in OneNote

When you’re using the Bullet Journal approach in OneNote, one of the things you’ll want to build as you go is a table of contents for your notes.  I don’t recommend relying on the page and section listing as your table of contents because they don’t facilitate referencing your content […]

Regaining your momentum with @kickstart

Regaining your flow when you’ve been interrupted or have lost focus can be an almost herculean effort if you haven’t planned in advance. There’s a hack I recommend regardless of the system to get your momentum back with some quick wins in being productive. It’s all about preparation Personally I use […]

How I created an online newsletter – Updated

Earlier this month I started “Being Productive”, a weekly newsletter from The Idea Pump focused on both original articles as well as curated content about productivity. I knew from the beginning if I was going to take this from an idea to a reality I needed a flow strategy. Creating […]

My answers to the #prodchat about focus and productivity

Every week, Ray Sidney-Smith does a great job running the #prodchat twitter chat about productivity on Wednesdays from 8-9pm EST. Unfortunately I don’t always get to participate as often as I would like so as I have done in the past I’m going to go back and answer the questions […]

Living hack free is hard

A hack-free 2016 revisited Back at the beginning of 2016 I wrote a post about living hack free. In looking back over 2016 I can say without reservation that the effort was an abject failure. Why? Because there are benefits to hacks when you find the right ones. Now don’t […]

Using OneNote for Discovery Work

One of the things I have to do often is discovery work.  Breaking down a process to understand how it really works, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and then define how it can be improved. OneNote has become an invaluable tool in that effort. When I’m working on breaking down a […]

Magazine organization with OneNote – Updated

Since Springpad went offline a few years ago we’ve been left with a functional gap in the productivity space. I’m going back through some of the ideas and applications we had for Springpad and updating them for use in OneNote. Magazine management isn’t as much of an issue as it […]