Getting the most from a Millenial – Part 1

Millenials have developed a significant reputation in the workplace often through no fault of their own. Rather than harm on the challenges of working with Millenials, this series is going to focus on ways to successfully work with Millenials. Now to level set, I’m not a part of the Millenial generation, but […]

Can you be productive in 40 hours?

Our modern work culture has trained us to think the only way we can be successful is by working extraordinary numbers of hours each week. I have to wonder, are they being as productive as they can be, or are they compensating for poor productivity with increased hours.

How I created an online newsletter


Earlier this month I started “Being Productive”, a weekly newsletter from The Idea Pump focused on both original articles as well as curated content about productivity. I knew from the beginning if I was going to take this from an idea to a reality I needed a flow strategy. Creating […]

My answers to the #prodchat about focus and productivity


Every week, Ray Sidney-Smith does a great job running the #prodchat twitter chat about productivity on Wednesdays from 8-9pm EST. Unfortunately I don’t always get to participate as often as I would like so as I have done in the past I’m going to go back and answer the questions […]

Searching for the killer wearable productivity app is waste of time

wearable technology

I’ve read articles and listened to podcasts from numerous technology pundits as of late as to the disappointment they have in Android Wear, Apple Watch, and wearables in general.  The common thread is that until there is a “killer app” (which seems to be the responsibility of the OS companies […]

Living hack free is hard


A hack-free 2016 revisited Back at the beginning of 2016 I wrote a post about living hack free. In looking back over 2016 I can say without reservation that the effort was an abject failure. Why? Because there are benefits to hacks when you find the right ones. Now don’t […]

Finally found a home

And we’re back After several hosting moves, unsatisfying stints at various providers, and some deep introspection around what I want The Idea Pump to be, I’ve found a new home for the site, the blog, and all things related. Yes, I’m back to WordPress for the platform. I’m working out […]

Being Productive community on Facebook

being productive

The Idea Pump is all about helping people do the right things at the right times in the right ways.  Part of that process is discussing the tools and techniques you can put into action both personally and professionally. To help facilitate those discussions, The Idea Pump organized the Being […]

Refining our message 

During a recent meeting I spent almost 90 minutes outlining the vision for a project to a team member. Initially I was frustrated by the amount of time it took my audience to “buy in” to the concepts and strategy I presented. Only later did I realize it was equally […]

Compliance vs. Commitment

At a conference I attended earlier this year, one of the sessions used the phrase “compliance vs commitment” as it applies to user adoption. This is an excellent way to evaluate your strategies when it comes to getting your user community to “buy in” to the solutions you are implementing. […]