Can you be productive in 40 hours?

Our modern work culture has trained us to think the only way we can be successful is by working extraordinary numbers of hours each week. I have to wonder, are they being as productive as they can be, or are they compensating for poor productivity with increased hours.

Regaining your momentum with @kickstart

task planning

Regaining your flow when you’ve been interrupted or have lost focus can be an almost herculean effort if you haven’t planned in advance. There’s a hack I recommend regardless of the system to get your momentum back with some quick wins in being productive. It’s all about preparation Personally I use […]

Five minutes with the Samsung Chromebook Plus

I took five minutes in Best Buy to check out the new Samsung Chromebook Plus that’s getting all kinds of attention in the press. Designed to be a solid performer in the $500 price range, I wanted to know if it had the features to be a daily driver for […]

Three problems with tags in OneNote Online


If you’re a user of OneNote Online and OneNote desktop you’ll have noticed the inconsistency with which tags have been implemented between the two platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two you need to keep in mind. Custom tags The desktop version of OneNote […]

How I created an online newsletter


Earlier this month I started “Being Productive”, a weekly newsletter from The Idea Pump focused on both original articles as well as curated content about productivity. I knew from the beginning if I was going to take this from an idea to a reality I needed a flow strategy. Creating […]

Todoist tip – controlling natural language dates

Todoist logo

Todoist has a great method of scheduling reminders through a natural language interface when you create a task. Sometimes though you’d rather not have Todoist grab the date you just entered because it’s part of the task rather than the reminder. If you want Todoist to ignore a piece of […]

Turning OneNote tables into Excel worksheets


OneNote on Windows Desktop offers the ability to convert tables you have created into Excel workbooks.  If you’re using OneNote to capture basic information for calculation or data analysis, this is a great way to make the leap from the quick capture structure of OneNote tables to something more functional […]

My answers to the #prodchat about focus and productivity


Every week, Ray Sidney-Smith does a great job running the #prodchat twitter chat about productivity on Wednesdays from 8-9pm EST. Unfortunately I don’t always get to participate as often as I would like so as I have done in the past I’m going to go back and answer the questions […]

Searching for the killer wearable productivity app is waste of time

wearable technology

I’ve read articles and listened to podcasts from numerous technology pundits as of late as to the disappointment they have in Android Wear, Apple Watch, and wearables in general.  The common thread is that until there is a “killer app” (which seems to be the responsibility of the OS companies […]

Tracking your kids busy life using Todoist

Todoist logo

With two teenagers at home managing active schedules can be a huge challenge for anyone.  I’ve turned to Todoist and a custom designed filter to keep track of what needs to be done by and for whom within the next several days. To make this filter work there are a […]