Productivity Habits – Answers to #prodchat

Recently the #prodchat group discussed the topic of productive habits. Unable to make the live chat (this is becoming a recurring issue) I’m taking some time to respond to the questions en masse. What makes a habit productive? This is a more complex question than you would think.  When you […]

I’m so busy I must be important

Ever wonder why when you ask someone how they are the reply is, “Busy” we nod and agree that yes, we are busy too even if we may not be? Busy is worn as a badge of importance and success.

The sorry state of Android upgrades

This is going to be a bit of a rant today so be prepared.  I’ve been an Android fan for a long time, using phones, tablets, and wearables since early in the alphabet of software versions.  It’s those software versions causing my pain and anguish today. Android updates – Hurry […]

Create a bullet journal index in OneNote

When you’re using the Bullet Journal approach in OneNote, one of the things you’ll want to build as you go is a table of contents for your notes.  I don’t recommend relying on the page and section listing as your table of contents because they don’t facilitate referencing your content […]

Getting the most from a Millenial – Part 1

Millenials have developed a significant reputation in the workplace often through no fault of their own. Rather than harm on the challenges of working with Millenials, this series is going to focus on ways to successfully work with Millenials. Now to level set, I’m not a part of the Millenial generation, but […]

Could Visio have met it’s match? Meet Lucidchart.

In the world of diagrams and flowcharting, Visio by Microsoft has been a standard go-to tool for years. Due to the new way I work (heavily cloud centric) I wanted to see if there was anything out there that could hold a candle to the capabilities of Visio.  Lucidchart looks to […]

Can you be productive in 40 hours?

Our modern work culture has trained us to think the only way we can be successful is by working extraordinary numbers of hours each week. I have to wonder, are they being as productive as they can be, or are they compensating for poor productivity with increased hours.

Regaining your momentum with @kickstart

Regaining your flow when you’ve been interrupted or have lost focus can be an almost herculean effort if you haven’t planned in advance. There’s a hack I recommend regardless of the system to get your momentum back with some quick wins in being productive. It’s all about preparation Personally I use […]