Being Productive as Art and Science

Helping you discover the ways to do the right things at the right times in the right ways. Being productive is more than checkboxes, it is a mindset as well as a measurement.

The Idea Pump

Innovation in Productivity is about doing the right things at the right times in the right ways.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to become more productive? To achieve more without sacrificing your work / life balance? To become that productive person you read so much about? There are steps you can take, tools you can use, and strategies you can apply to make that happen. The most important thing is to take the first step and have the right ideas.

The Idea Pump is all about helping you in being productive at work and home. Whether you’re working on improving your work productivity or streamlining home life, The Idea Pump can help. If you’re a professional looking to improve the operations of your organization without massive investments in systems and solutions, The Idea Pump can help.  If you’re a leader looking to help your teams become more successful at their tasks and improve their satisfaction with your processes, The Idea Pump can help.

Professional Productivity

The Idea Pump will help your organization:

  • Analyze and refine your existing processes
  • Identify new and better ways to leverage your current technology
  • Provide insights on impacts from technology and process change
  • Define strategies to get the most from your people and your investments in systems

Personal Productivity

The Idea Pump isn’t just for business professionals.  In short order and for low cost The Idea Pump can:

  • Help identify tools you can use to streamline life, both digital and analog, depending which works better for you
  • Show you processes and “hacks” that fit how you live and make you more productive
  • Review your processes and help you define and refine your own to work on Being Productive.

Process Flow Tuning

Processes are pipes of most solutions, allowing work and information to flow freely from resource to resource on the way to successful completion. Unfortunately, many processes are too restrictive, inefficient, or outdated to remain effective.

Process flow tuning focuses on breaking down existing processes, remapping them to the solutions needed, and then updating them to reflect the levels of throughput needed for success in the organization. By building an outside-in understanding of the existing processes and then redefining the solution from the inside-out, business processes are tuned to maximize the flow of information without overwhelming the people involved.

Innovation and brainstorming

Coming up with new ideas is not an easy task. Overwhelmed with existing work, managing heavy task loads, and balancing vision with reality puts a damper on the creative idea process. One of the best ways to get the ideas flowing is to open the valves using our facilitated innovation and brainstorming methods.

Working as a team or on individual efforts, the process of brainstorming association of existing efforts, potential new methods, and underlying technology assessments jumpstarts new ways of accomplishing the work at hand.

Workshops and education

Keeping up to date on the latest improvements and innovations in the world of productivity can be a full time job on it's own (trust me, I know.) Rather than trying to drink from the firehose, a better alternative is to filter the information based on your needs and mission. Targeted workshops taking you from basic concepts to developing productivity strategies meeting your needs are the best way to get the information most beneficial to you.

Working with you in the planning of the workshop content, I can put together sessions delivering the right information and ideas to the right people in your organization in a timely and efficient manner. Why waste time on generic "training" when your people can operate at a highly relevant level with ideas and methods immediately applicable to your mission and objectives as an organization.

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